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Dr Sara Watkin is a highly experienced, tertiary trained paediatric and neonatal specialist resident in Cayman and based out of Grand Harbour, with paediatric and neonatal admitting rights at George Town.

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From Routine to Complex

Besides a full range of routine paediatric needs or conditions, my tertiary-level training means I am also experienced in more complex paediatric problems, failure to thrive & many congential conditions too.

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It is simple and easy to arrange to see Dr Sara. I am available in Grand Harbour Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and alternate Saturdays from 9am to 1pm (deliveries & emergencies permitting).

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What do I do or provide?

I provide the full range of neonatal and paediatric care to a tertiary level but without ever
over-complicating the more straight-forward aspects


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Dr. Sara Watkin

MB ChB, MRCP (paeds), FRCPCH, MD


Dr. Watkin is an extremely experienced professional with more than 22 years’ service as a consultant in Neonatal Medicine and Paediatrics, following training in many of the UK’s foremost centres of excellence, including the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Her most recent post was as Chief of Service at University College London Hospital, a world-class tertiary centre for the care of babies from 23 week’s gestation onwards and with a wide range of complex paediatric and neonatal challenges. Qualified in Paediatrics, she has a wealth of experience in addressing the needs of children and babies literally from their earliest preterm & term days right through to early adulthood.

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Immunisation is a vital part of keeping your child healthy and it is important to make sure you get the right protection at the right time. I provide open, honest and evidence-based advice about what your child will benefit from and indeed what isn’t necessary either. I can administer any necessary immunisations or advise you on what’s available from HSA as part of the island’s child health programme.

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I am keen to encourage you to share what you would like to know more about, what worries you or what would just be helpful. Whether it’s questions about Zika Virus or what immunisations are appropriate in Cayman, I am keen to help build a greater understand of child health issues.