About Dr Sara

About Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician & Neonatologist



Paediatrician & Neonatologist

In Grand Cayman, both neonatal care (care for newborn babies, both well and with problems such as being preterm) and paediatric care is provided by what you would call a Paediatrician (Pediatrician). However, paediatrics and neonatal medicine are two distinct disciplines and I am trained and experienced in both. I moved to Grand Cayman in 2016 to bring a greater depth of neonatal care and experience when needed, whilst delivering the full breadth of paediatric care too.


Quick Synopsis

Dr. Watkin is an extremely experienced professional with more than 22 years’ service as a consultant in Neonatal Medicine and Paediatrics, following training in many of the UK’s foremost centres of excellence, including the world-renowned Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Her most recent post was as Chief of Service at University College London Hospital, a world-class tertiary centre for the care of babies from 23 week’s gestation onwards and with a wide range of complex paediatric and neonatal challenges. Qualified in Paediatrics, she has a wealth of experience in addressing the needs of children and babies literally from their earliest preterm & term days right through to early adulthood.

You can find MUCH more detail here: http://babydoctor.ky/about-dr-sara/more-about-dr-sara/


Dr Sara – the Human!

I’m not just a doctor!

I moved to Grand Cayman with my husband, Andrew, and my son, Oliver, who attends and loves St Ignatius School. We have 3 other children who are all now independently making their mark on the world (although the lure of SMB etc will undoubtedly bring them here as frequently as time permits!

We have added Baxter (woof) to our family since we arrived. We’d love to tell you what he is but we aren’t 100% sure ourselves. I think the term ‘cocunut’ applies.

We love Grand Cayman. It’s a very special place. You’ll find us walking our dog on the beach or golf course in the early mornings. We love sunrise, it’s a very special time (Oliver, being a teenager, does not enjoy sunrise). Snorkelling is amazing, with Macabuca (http://www.crackedconch.com.ky/macabuca/) being particularly lovely. Drinks at sunset still remind us how privileged we are to be in such a beautiful place.


Registration & Indemnity

GMC REGISTRATION: Full registration July 1987. No: 3120873

SPECIALIST REGISTER: 1996 General Paediatrics

DEFENCE UNION: Medical Protection Society. No: 209948


Services Provided

  • Newborn (Neonatal) Care
  • Care of Preterm or Sick Newborn Infants
  • Attending Deliveries
  • Baby Checks
  • Immunisations (both advising and administering)
  • Paediatric Care (full range of care)