About our Childrens Clinic

“in the Cayman Islands”

Our Childrens Clinic in Grand Cayman is located in beautiful Grand Pavilion. It’s modern, clean, with the latest equipment and 3 tertiary-trained paediatricians, supported by dedicated paediatric nurses and exemplary service. It’s also very child-friendly!

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Why our Childrens Clinic?

Highly Qualified Doctors

Three passionate, tertiary-trained paediatric & newborn specialists, each with special interests.

Child & Parent Friendly

Dedicated play area, private breastfeeding room, complimentary refreshments & calm team.

Lovely No Drama Service

Happy, helpful reception team, online booking, super-swift check-out, drama-free billing, brilliant nurses.

Childrens Clinic… as it should be

Excellence • Integrity • Commitment • Passion

Passionate Paediatricians and an extremely well-organised clinic. Our 3 highly respected, tertiary-trained paediatrics, Dr Sara Watkin, Dr Jasmina Marinova & Dr Sarah Newton, are bound by a common passion for exceptional newborn and paediatric care in the Cayman Islands.

Paediatricians in Grand Cayman

Choosing a Paediatrician in Grand Cayman

We Define Easy

Good should always be the main factor but with our busy lives, easy is important to.

Easy Access

Childrens Clinic is located in the heart of Seven Mile, at beautiful Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, less than 5 minutes from Camana Bay and 10 minutes from George Town.

Easy Parking

We have plentiful parking right outside our door, dedicated purely for our childrens clinic. It’s literally yards to the door, with a gentle ramp for strollers etc.

Easy Online Booking

You can call if you like but our online booking with live availability and instant confirmation ensures you can make appointments when it is convenient to you.

Easy Check-in

Obviously the first time requires a few forms (which you can complete online if you wish) but after that, checking in takes around 10 seconds. Yes. 10 seconds.

Easy Timing

We are a childrens clinic that likes to run to time. We advise arriving 10 minutes before your appointment, which is plenty for pre-appointment essentials like weights and measures, allowing you to be as ready at appointment time as we are.

Easy Difficult Things

Not everything that happens to children is fun (think vaccinations, bloods etc) but our dedicated paediatric nursing team is adept at the tough stuff and so it is very rare to find a waiting room full of tears.

Easy Environment

There’s a complimentary refreshments station and you’ll frequently find parents gathering and chatting, sometimes long after an appointment, with children occupied with our toys. Yes – children actually don’t like to leave and sometimes parents too!

Easy Check-out

If you’ve been anywhere else you’ll soon realise just how efficient our reception team is. It’s a few minutes for even the toughest billing scenario and we handle everything else behind the scenes.

Paediatric Team at our Childrens Clinic

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Sarah Newton

Dr Sarah Newton

Specialist General Paediatrician & Newborn Care

Dr Alison Duncan

Dr Alison Duncan

Specialist Adult & Paediatric Dermatologist

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