Covid in Children – Child Health Talk at CI Healthcare Conference

Dr Sara Watkin Paediatrician Cayman Islands at CI Conference

By: Sara Watkin

On: 11th October 2021

I have been asked many times to share the talk I made at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference, covering Covid in Children and how we can optimise and protect child health when we open up… based on evidence!

Optimising & Protecting Child Health in the Post Closure Era

Presented by Dr. Sara Watkin, Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist at Integra Healthcare Ltd.

The topics covered include: Understanding COVID in children, its impacts and long COVID, child health issues arising from the re-opening of Cayman, understanding and defining optimal child health, actions and measures to both protect and to optimise child health and optimal health blueprint for happy, healthy children.

SMALL CORRECTION – Covid in Children Receiving Vaccines

It’s always nerve-wracking when presenting and it got the better of me when describing the two vaccine studies in children. I think I mentioned ‘deaths’ when I meant ‘cases’ (the slide was clear but I wasn’t!). The point I did state, unchanged, is that the number of cases in each group, in children obviously, was tiny and so you’d have to give a huge number of children vaccines to prevent even a few cases of Covid, which aren’t serious to children anyway (especially if you have identified and protected your few vulnerable ones).


Very happy to receive feedback and so far I am very humbled by the messages of support. Thank you.

I have been very touched by the comments parents have made about the impacts current measures are having on them. I have had many messages from people worried about the impacts on their children and their education, wellbeing etc but also many on the social and employment issues being caused, from people not being paid as they have to isolate or look after children and the pressure that puts on family finances (which has many knock-on child health effects of course). Thank you for sharing.

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