Dr Sarah Newton
(Grand Cayman General Paediatrician & Newborn)

MBChB, FRACP (paeds), DCH

Tel: +1 (345) 925 7888 (mobile) +1 (345) 745 7450 (clinic)
Email: [email protected]

I am an experienced Grand Cayman Paediatrician with a large general paediatric practice and interests in newborn care, complex diagnosis and developmental follow up. I was born in New Zealand, am a general paediatrician with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, tertiary level trained in highly respected paediatric and neonatal centres in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. I have practised here as a Grand Cayman paediatrician for many years.

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Dr Sarah Newton Grand Cayman Paediatrician

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My Practice Information

Grand Cayman Paediatrician (Pediatrician) & Newborn (Neonatal) Specialist located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Tel: (345) 745-7450
Fax: (345) 745-7460

Location: Grand Pavilion (Hibiscus Way Entrance), 802 West Bay Road
Mailing Address: Box 934, 10 Market Street, Camana Bay, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9006

Clinic Fees Information: https://childrensdoctor.ky/clinic-fees-information/


Clinic Times

Monday & Friday: 9am to 1pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

I am available for walk-in appointments, but I work slightly less than full time and so it is best to book. I have two great paediatric colleagues though, and so you will almost always be able to see somebody (one of our Grand Cayman Paediatricians).


Finding My Clinic

We are very easy to find!


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About Me – Grand Cayman General Paediatrician & Newborn

I have been practising in Grand Cayman for quite a few years, covering a comprehensive range of paediatric problems and needs. I have admitting/ delivery privileges to the neonatal unit and paediatric wards at George Town Hospital (HSA) and for deliveries at Doctors Hospital.

My training and experiences are from across New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, including some of those countries most prominent centres, including Singapore’s KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital



I have the following qualifications & accreditations:

  • MB ChB, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery with Distinction
  • FRACP (Paeds), Fellow of The Royal Australian College of Physicians
  • DCH, Diploma in Child Health

I also have the following additional training pertinent to my neonatal & paediatric work in hospital:

  • Newborn Life Support Training
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) Training


Dr Sarah Newton Career Highlights
(From prior to being a Grand Cayman Paediatrician)

  • FRACP (Paeds), Fellow of The Royal Australian College of Physicians
  • Newborn Life Support & Advanced Paediatric Life Support Training
  • Tertiary newborn care training & experience from Singapore, Australia & New Zealand
  • Special Interest in Developmental Paediatrics
  • Special Interest in Complex Diagnostics

Pediatrician vs Paediatrician Cayman

You’ll see both Paediatrician and Pediatrician used on my pages. There’s no difference, other than one is UK spelling (paediatrician) and one is US spelling (pediatrician).

Ages Covered

I see paediatric patients from 0 to age 18, as well as providing care for newborns, including with complications. For very preterm infants, my colleague Dr Sara watkin, Neonatologist, is our lead, who I work closely with.

American Academy of Pediatrics: Age Limit of Pediatrics: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/140/3/e20172151

Newborn & Paediatric Care Services & Conditions

I offer a wide range of paediatric & newborn services as a Cayman General Paediatrician (Pediatrician) out of Grand Pavilion, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman.

Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician Cayman, Newborn Care
Preterm Infant Dr Sara Watkin
Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician Cayman, Ear Pain or Infection

Newborn Care

  • Attending regular & vaginal deliveries
  • Attending caesarean section deliveries
  • Newborn baby checks
  • Managing newborn complications
  • Care of babies with jaundice
  • Early care of newborns
  • 1st year of life care
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Feeding, nutrition & growth
  • Immunization & vaccination
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Wheezing & Breathing Difficulties

Besides the care I deliver in this area, I am also very active in parent education, running a very successful antenatal programme on healthcare for newborns, which parents find very reassuring.

Neonatal Care

  • Neonatal resuscitation & life support
  • Neonatal intensive care, from 26+ weeks
  • Growth restriction and small for dates
  • Respiratory distress & breathing issues
  • Surfactant administration
  • Most forms of ventilation
  • Newborn infections & immune problems
  • Congenital problems

I have a tertiary training in neonatal care from major tertiary centres in Australasia and Singapore and I am experienced at neonatal unit admissions here in Cayman Islands. I work closely with Dr Sara Watkin, our neonatal specialist for more complex deliveries and extremely preterm infants.

Paediatric Care

  • Development & developmental follow up
  • Developmental milestones
  • Immunization & vaccinations
  • Feeding and nutrition advice & complications
  • Allergies and intolerances e.g. Cows Milk Intolerance
  • Nut allergy, including challenging
  • Growth advice and concerns
  • Skin, spots, rashes and other blemishes
  • Fevers, viruses etc including bronchiolitis
  • Asthma, wheezing & exercise intolerance
  • Ears, noses, throats & eyes
  • Urgent or emergency care
  • Complex diagnoses & diseases

I have admitting rights to the paediatric wards at Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town and am part of the urgent care paediatric service we run as a practice. My practice is at Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, in our lovely, child-friendly facilities.

You can find a full list of the paediatric and newborn services we cover as a team here: https://childrensdoctor.ky/paediatric-services/

Appointment Booking with Dr Sarah Newton, Cayman Paediatrician


Please simply work through the steps on screen. If you have seen our paediatricians previously, it is likely we have your child’s details in the system. Please use the following information when prompted to do so:

  • Your own email (if yours isn’t found, try your spouse’s)
  • Your child’s name
  • Child’s Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Child’s Gender

Booking on Mobile

If you are using a smartphone, it helps to turn your screen sideways (landscape).

Urgent Care/ Sick Children Appointments

If you cannot see an appointment slot available, please call us on (345) 745 7450 within office hours or on the Paediatric Out-of-Hours Service (345) 326 4370 (Note: Calls only, Out-of-Hours Only) as we carry specific sick child capacity to help ensure your child can be seen when necessary.

Online booking with instant confirmation

Please simply work through the steps on screen. On mobile, try turning your phone sideways.

Education, Training & Experience

Newborn Experience
My training and experience stretches over many years and includes training and experience in a wide variety of units, including tertiary hospitals in Singapore (KKH Women & Children’s Hospital), Australia & New Zealand.


General Newborn
  • Attending deliveries of all kinds – normal vaginal, caesarean section and assisted deliveries of all kinds
  • Initial assessment of newborn infants
  • Newborn baby checks
Neonatal Care Experience
  • Competent in all aspects of modern neonatal care.
  • Competent in resuscitation of very premature and sick term neonates
  • Competent in the use of conventional ventilation, high frequency oscillation ventilation, inhaled nitric oxide therapy, as well as noninvasive ventilation – CPAP
  • Competent in the management of babies with congenital abnormalities, cardiac and surgical conditions
  • Competent in neonatal intensive care skills such as endotracheal intubation, umbilical venous and arterial catheterisation, peripheral venous and arterial access, insertion of long lines, chest drain, dilutional and exchange transfusion.
  • Competent in antenatal counseling of parents of premature babies and babies with antenatal diagnosis.
Paediatric Experience

Dr Newton is a New Zealand born General Paediatrician under the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and has practised here in Grand Cayman for more than 7 years, providing important continuity of care to the many children under her care across that time. She is also a busy mum to four children of her own, ranging in age from early years through to teenagers, as of writing. She believes in a holistic approach to health care, patient advocacy and empowering patients and their families through education and preventative health care.


General Paediatrics
  • Competent in resuscitation of seriously ill children using APLS guidelines.
  • Competent in management of children who require high dependency care and stabilisation of children prior to transfer to PICU.
  • Competent in management of children with wide range of common childhood diseases.
  • Competent in planning discharge of complex long stay patients.
  • Clinical Supervision of junior doctors in their clinical duties including technical paediatric procedures
  • Competent in the following practical procedures: peripheral intravenous access, peripheral arterial access, peripheral long-line insertion, lumber puncture.
Child Protection
  • Competent in child protection procedures and medical examination.
  • Darkness to Light training
Developmental Paediatrics
  • Experience in developmental assessment, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorder clinics.
  • Experience in multi-disciplinary developmental clinic assessment of children with complex developmental and social/behavioural concerns.

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