Out-of-Hours Paediatricians

We are delighted to offer exceptional availability of out-of-hours paediatricians, including hospital admissions & deliveries

Emergency Care

If your child is experiencing an emergency, you need to either call 911 or proceed immediately to Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town, Located on Smiths Road. This is especially important if your child is struggling to breath or has sustained a major injury.

If your child is not in immediate risk, then read on to find out how best to contact us out-of-hours.

Non-Emergency Numbers in Cayman Islands (for use outside emergency situations)

Urgent Paediatrics: Daytime and Out-of-Hours Paediatricians


Main Clinic Times

Below you will find our normal clinic hours and within these hours, you will always find a paediatrician available.


Monday to Friday:

0900 – 1300 Morning Clinic (last morning appointment is 1230)

1400 – 1700 Afternoon Clinic (last afternoon appointment is 1630)

Individual team members may attend at slightly different times.


Alternate Saturdays:

0900 – 1300 (last clinic appointment is 1230)

For appointments, or to confirm who is available, please contact (345) 745 7450 and reception will happily book you in.


Clinic Contact Information: Main Clinic

Clinic Fees Information: Fees Info

Normal Appointment Booking: Online Booking

Walk-in Availability

If your child needs urgent care, there is almost always one of us available if you just turn up and we always find the space for urgent needs.


Out-of-hours Paediatricians & Access

We all live permanently on island and all within about 15 minutes from the clinic and 5 minutes from the main hospital in George Town. We run a permanent on call approach for deliveries and neonatal patients, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and because we are a group of three, you never have to worry that we aren’t available in your hour of need.


We are all generally available for urgent matters for our own patients. However, if you are new or don’t know how to contact your paediatrician out-of-hours, you can call our Out-of-Hours Paediatricians on the dedicated out-of-hours number: (345) 326 4370



You can reach your own paediatrician on the following numbers:


Our Out-of Hours Paediatricians

Having a team of 3 paediatricians, all of whom have admitting rights to George Town Hospital and all of whom deliver babies at both George Town and CTMH Doctors Hospital, means that we have unrivalled cross-cover at all times.

Dr Sara Watkin

Dr Sara Watkin

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Dr Jasmina Marinova

Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr Sarah Newton

Dr Sarah Newton

Specialist General Paediatrician & Newborn Care

Paediatricians Rest Out-of-Hours

Just a brief note on the fact that our often super-human-like Paediatricians are also human and like all humans need some down time. That should NEVER stop you calling when you need to, or ever feeling bad about it.

However, we would kindly ask you to first think about degree of urgency and simply wait to normal hours for the matters that can easily wait. If you aren’t sure, then always call though. We aren’t trying to discourage you and it’s only becaue we are so available as out-of-hours paediatricians that we just kindly request the non-urgent stuff to be kept to the daytime. Thank you!