Dr Sara Watkin
(Paediatrician Cayman)

MB ChB, MRCP (paeds), FRCPCH, MD

Tel: +1 (345) 326 7827 (mobile) and +1 (345) 745 7450(clinic)
Email: [email protected]y

My Paediatrician Cayman information page is to help you understand me, Dr Sara Watkin, Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, in a simple, single place. Consequently, you’ll find a wealth of information below, including about my baby clinic, children’s clinic and other services.

I am a highly experienced, tertiary trained paediatric and neonatal (newborn) specialist, based out of Grand Pavilion on West Bay Road, with paediatric & neonatal admitting rights at George Town. With over 25+ years experience as a consultant in the United Kingdom, including as Chief of Service at the world-renowned University College London Hospitals, I am a very qualified paediatrician and neonatal specialist.

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Dr Sara Watkin, Cayman Paediatrician

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My Practice Information

Cayman Paediatrician (Pediatrician) & Newborn (Neonatal) Specialist located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Tel: (345) 745-7450
Fax: (345) 745-7460

Location: Grand Pavilion (Hibiscus Way Entrance), 802 West Bay Road
Mailing Address: Box 934, 10 Market Street, Camana Bay, George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9006

Clinic Fees Information: https://childrensdoctor.ky/clinic-fees-information/


Clinic Times

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Although I am available for walk-in appointments, to see me personally it is always better to book. However, as I am supported by two excellent paediatric colleagues, you will almost always be able to see somebody (one of our Cayman Paediatricians).


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We are very easy to find!


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About Me – Cayman Paediatrician & Neonatologist

I moved to Grand Cayman in July 2016 to take up post, originally, as Specialist Paediatrician in Camana Bay and Specialist Neonatologist (newborn & preterm care). My privileges include full admitting rights to the neonatal unit and paediatric wards at George Town Hospital (HSA).  I also have admitting rights at Doctors Hospital. Prior to Cayman, I moved from the UK, where I was Chief of Service for the Neonatal Service at University College London Hospitals, one of the UK’s most prestigious services, having previously been Chief of Service in Nottingham prior to this.

I have more than 25 years experience at consultant-level in UK paediatrics and neonatal medicine, where I gained 9 clinical excellence awards (the maximum number), having attained my specialist registration in paediatrics and undertaken tertiary level training in both paediatrics and neonatal medicine, including within World-famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

GMC REGISTRATION: Full registration July 1987. No: 3120873

SPECIALIST REGISTER: 1996 General Paediatrics

DEFENCE UNION: Medical Protection Society. No: 209948

You can find out much more about my clinical background here: Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician, Grand Cayman – detailed

Dr Sara Watkin Career Highlights
(From prior to being a Cayman Paediatrician)

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health
  • 25+ years at UK Consultant level
  • Chief of Service at University College London Hospitals
  • UK Advisor on Neonatal Intensive Care National Clinical Reference Group
  • Special Interest in Newborn Quality & Safety

Pediatrician vs Paediatrician Cayman

You’ll see both Paediatrician and Pediatrician used on my pages. There’s no difference, other than one is UK spelling (paediatrician) and one is US spelling (pediatrician).

Ages Covered

I cover from preterm infants all through to age 18, although I do have one or two slightly older patients.

American Academy of Pediatrics: Age Limit of Pediatrics: https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/140/3/e20172151

Neonatal, Newborn & Paediatric (Pediatric) Care Services & Conditions

Here are the services I offer as a Cayman Paediatrician (Pediatrician) & Neonatologist out of Grand Pavilion, West Bay Road, Grand Cayman. You will see that some of the bullets are coloured– meaning they link through to more detailed information.

Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician Cayman, Newborn Care
Preterm Infant Dr Sara Watkin
Dr Sara Watkin, Paediatrician Cayman, Ear Pain or Infection

Newborn Care

  • Attending regular & vaginal deliveries
  • Attending caesarean section deliveries
  • Newborn baby checks
  • Managing newborn complications
  • Care of babies with jaundice
  • Early care of newborns
  • 1st year of life care
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Feeding, nutrition & growth
  • Immunization & vaccination
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Wheezing & Breathing Difficulties

I am especially experienced in newborn care, having spent 25+ years as a consultant in the UK in units with 5,000+ deliveries per annum. So, I am a very safe pairs of hands at delivery to ensure no complications or a rapid response if there are. My delivery work is followed up with baby clinic appointments and urgent care to address the range of paediatric (pediatric) care and development needs your newborn baby has, especially through the first year of life.

The above is not a comprehensive list but it contains most of the more common aspects of care that I provide for. My experience & training means I cover the full spectrum of more complex problems too but these are obviously rare in a population of our size here in Cayman.

Neonatal Care

  • Neonatal resuscitation & life support
  • Neonatal intensive care, from 23+ weeks
  • Preterm birth from 23+ weeks gestation
  • Growth restriction and small for dates
  • Birth asphyxia, including head & body cooling
  • Respiratory distress & breathing issues
  • Surfactant administration
  • All forms of ventilation
  • Cardiac and circulatory issues
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Newborn infections & immune problems

The majority of deliveries in Grand Cayman go without complications. However, birth itself is not 100% predictable and there is a distinct proportion of infants that need urgent care or admission to the neonatal unit. Some modes of delivery increase that chance. In Grand Cayman, if I am not already your paediatrician, I am frequently brought in under urgent circumstances by the midwives or by your obstetrician. That also happens too when there are known complications or concerns.

I am the main neonatal specialist for very preterm or really complex care, with full admitting rights to George Town Hospital for private patients and so if there is a complication it tends to be me! My experience in neonatal medicine is extensive and at the highest possible level.

Paediatric Care

  • Development & developmental follow up
  • Developmental milestones
  • Immunization & vaccinations
  • Feeding and nutrition advice & complications
  • Allergies and intolerances e.g. Cows Milk Intolerance
  • Nut allergy, including challenging
  • Growth advice and concerns
  • Skin, spots, rashes and other blemishes
  • Fevers, viruses etc including bronchiolitis
  • Asthma, wheezing & exercise intolerance
  • Ears, noses, throats & eyes
  • Urgent or emergency care

I have full admitting rights to the hospital paediatric wards and we have an urgent care service in-house too.

I operate a very busy paediatric service that prides itself on the highest standards of paediatric care, fully up-to-date and tailored to the needs of each child and their parents. My children’s clinic appointments are available through the week at convenient times.

Again, the above is not a comprehensive list but it covers most of what we provide. My tertiary training in acute and general paediatrics means that I am able to cover rare and quite complex conditions, so please ask if you don’t see what you need above.

You can find a full list of the paediatric and newborn services we cover as a team here: https://childrensdoctor.ky/paediatric-services/

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Booking on Mobile

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Urgent Care/ Sick Children Appointments

If you cannot see an appointment slot available, please call us on (345) 745 7450 within office hours or on the Paediatric Out-of-Hours Service (345) 326 4370 (Note: Calls only, Out-of-Hours Only) as we carry specific sick child capacity to help ensure your child can be seen when necessary.

Online booking with instant confirmation

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Education, Training & Experience

Newborn (Neonatal) Experience

I have extensive experience as a Consultant Neonatologist in 2 large regional level 3 (tertiary) NICUs. Firstly, I was employed at Nottingham City Hospital from December 1994 until April 2006, some 11½ years including a significant number as Chief of Service). Then, I was then employed at University College London Hospital as a locum from 2009-10 and as a permanent consultant from December 2010 until July 2016 (with 5 years as Chief of Service here too). After that, I took up post as the primary neonatal specialist for the island of Grand Cayman.

Nottingham City Hospital

Nottingham City Hospital had 6,000 births and delivered over 3,000 neonatal intensive care and high dependency care days per year. Out of hours, I was on call for both hospitals in Nottingham (10,000 births and 6,000 IC and HD days) and managed both complex neonatal medical and surgical cases.

University College Hospital

University College London Hospital is one of the UK leading specialist centres. It has 6,400 deliveries per year with over 1,000 admissions to the Neonatal Unit of extremely sick complex babies requiring in total nearly 6,000 neonatal intensive care and high dependency care days. UCLH has the highest inborn admission rate in the UK for babies born at less than 29 weeks gestation. UCLH has a renowned fetal medicine unit and is the delivery unit for babies who will need future care at Great Ormond Street Hospital. This means we took and cared for sick newborns from across the UK with complex problems especially cardiac problems, neurosurgical problems and general surgical problems including diaphragmatic hernias. UCLH is also a designated centre for brain cooling for birth-related newborn brain injury & has a significant number of referral of infants with complex neurological problems.

Neonatal Care in Cayman

That probably all sounds rather over-scientific. Yes, it does mean that I have lots of experience in newborn care, including the most complex forms too. The majority of births here don’t need that depth but when they do demand it, it’s obviously reassuring to have. With over 5 years of practice here in Grand Cayman, I have cared for multiple ELBW (extremely low birth weight) babies, including care here and transfers to the US. However, most weeks I am involved in the care of an infant with complications, either preterm or term. Our biggest challenge is we so frequently don’t know what might happen and that’s when skills count and team matters.

Paediatric Experience

I have a broad education in both general and tertiary paediatrics including training at Great Ormond Street Hospital, as well as Nottingham City Hospital. I covered general paediatrics as registrar in Derby, Nottingham City Hospital and Stoke and as senior registrar in Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. In Stoke I did a general paediatric clinic each week and at QMC I had 2 general paediatric clinics each week, as well as a neonatal follow-up clinic.

In my infant feeding and growth clinic at UCLH, I was referred many patients from the local GPs for advice including children with cow’s milk protein intolerance and food aversion. Following children up for many years until 2 years of age means that I have extensive experience in dealing with problems in this age group, as well as developmental assessment. However, my experience in paediatric care extends right through to adulthood.

Paediatrics on an Island

Good paediatrics in somewhere like Cayman is about being up-to-date and about the right approach when you find yourself sometimes with limited support or back, a challenge facing all smaller islands.

From 2006 onwards, before I moved to Grand Cayman, I undertook frequent paediatric assignments from single weekends to much longer in duration. These were at both Consultant and Registrar level, in a range of paediatric settings but predominantly in 3 hospitals:

  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital
  • Horton Hospital
  • Ysbyty Gwynedd Hospital in Wales

So, I am unusual in having extensive tertiary experience of the sickest children but at the same time lots of experience of smaller hospitals and clinics with limited resources and facilities. These latter experiences are just like practising in Cayman (only colder!)

Paediatrician Cayman Style

In my general paediatric role in Grand Cayman, I see up to 20 children a day in the outpatient setting. These children range from newborn to 16 years and have the full spectrum of childhood complaints from very minor to complex health and developmental problems, including respiratory disease, failure to thrive, short stature, diabetes, duchennes muscular dystrophy, complex cardiac disease and immune deficiency.

I have admitting rights at both of our local hospitals and in George Town Hospital (HSA), that includes both the paediatric wards and the neonatal intensive care unit.

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